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The Right is dissatisfied with the current media landscape. Great, where is the legislation?

Amidst the fallout that had come out regarding Donald Trump Jr.'s emails, there are some conclusions we can make regarding the wider phenomenon of the Right attacking media outlets and claiming they're no more than a bunch of Left-wing, glasses-wearing, elite snobs who push out stories to discredit and slander the Right. We've all seen the "CNN is fake news" campaign.

And for a split second, I almost bought into this narrative. After months of my favorite outlets (NYT, WaPo) covering the Russia-Trump scandal, there was part of me that did think it was a witch hunt. But after yesterday's revelations, I would like to and my deep-seated belief in the credibility and hard work these media outlets possess and achieve. Without the incredible persistence of these organizations, we would be in the dark. A free press is really what keeps those in power in check. As an aspiring journalist myself, yesterday was a major wakeup call. The work we do is important. It is time to buckle up.

But back to the larger conclusion I've made. I'm of the belief now that the entire campaign of discrediting these news agencies is really an insurance policy. When these news scandals, like the one yesterday, break, all the administration has to do is point to their brilliant campaign: they're fake, don't believe it.

There is a key part of all of this to understand, however, and that is the Trump administrations lack of policy surrounding the reform media organizations.

If the Right was actually concerned about the current media landscape, wouldn't they be proposing legislation to change it? As it can be inferred from his Tweets, the President really cares about this, so where are the policy changes?

If the Right was actually concerned, media reform would be at the top of their agenda. They would be calling for less consolidation of media entities (and the break-up of them). They would be calling for a press that encourages all those on the political spectrum to be covered in a fair and non-slanderous way. They would be calling for a more diverse set of opinions. They would be setting a bar for incredibly high standards of journalistic ethics and practices.

The lack thereof gives me reason to believe this really is the Right's way of protecting themselves.

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