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Day 12: Smartphone to flip phone. A few observations on what has been easy and what has been hard.

I have started to think a little more long term about my flip phone use, what kind of effect it has had on me so far, what has been a struggle, what has been nice, and what I plan on doing after the 28 days.

Overall, I have found the transition from flip phone to smartphone slightly easier than I expected. I thought that I would be struggling to find my way around the city, not able to pay anyone (through Venmo), missing my buses all the time because of no way of knowing when they're coming, and become a social hermit incapable of being in contact with anyone. I also thought that I would have intense withdrawals from not having a smartphone. This has also not happened. While my computer has filled in some of the missing areas where I would have normally used my phone, I haven't found myself using it an extremely abnormal amount to make up for time I would have usually spent on my iPhone.

So what has been difficult. Well, I have been cheating slightly when it comes to transportation. Without a car in San Francisco, I have the choice of either riding my bike or the bus. Before giving up my iPhone, I would have normally Ubered in certain scenarios. Multiple times I have had friends call me an Uber, and I pay them back later. This has really been the only time I have had people use their iPhone for me, and it has led me to believe that in regards to transportation, I am completely reliant on a smartphone. In fact, I think that our whole entire idea of how we view transportation has now been changed because of our phones.

That is all for now... I will discuss more observations tomorrow!

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