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Day 11: SF MOMA and No Phone

As you may infer from the title, I got to experience an art museum without my phone today. This was probably one of the first times I had been viewing art without it. ​​ There were parts of the smartphone that I missed. I wanted to take pictures of the art to have it be stored it my phone later, to be able to reminisce about the time I was there. Alas, I have no pictures I can show.

There were also many times where I wanted to look up the name of the artist, or the history behind a certain piece. I was afforded no opportunity to do this. There were also some positives. I had no distractions going throughout the whole museum. Every piece of art, every film installation, every sculpture, drawing on the wall, I got to experience it without the influences of my phone. And this is where I would like to expand; our phones offer a unique perspective. Not good and not bad. It's neutral.

But in an art museum, your phone is going to offer you the history and the meaning behind a certain piece. But this is really only one perspective. Your phone is powerful enough at this point to have the knowledge of millions of people. But it is just another perspective. I didn't have it, but I believe my time at the museum was just as memorable, impactful, and meaningful.

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