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Day 10: Eating Consciously

I was speaking on the phone with a good friend when we talked about eating and mindfulness. The whole idea is that if you eat a meal, you place every part of your focus on the food. The taste, texture, smell, consistency, temperature, and richness all are apart of eating meal. More and more, I've had the opportunity to eat mindfully.

Just the other day I was coming back home to eat lunch before heading back to a class when I heated up some leftovers. I brought it over to the table and started eating. Before I gave up my smartphone, I would have normally taken it out as I was eating. But in this case, I had no choice but to just sit there silently and enjoy the food. And it felt weird to be honest. We don't have the opportunity to just sit and focus on some food very often, since we are usually eating with others, on our phones, or in a rush to get somewhere. So go turn your phone off, make a nice dinner tonight, and be mindful of the beautiful food mother earth has created.

Food for thought!

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