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Day 4: Kabuki Baths

Today, I headed to the Kabuki baths, a Japanese bathhouse in central Japantown. Unbeknownst to me, the bathhouse is a no-phone zone, and they make you leave your device before you can even enter the bathrooms, which lead to the baths.

The Kabuki Baths, SF

The Kabuki Baths, SF

As I put away my clothing and stripped down, I found myself walking into a tranquil, half-lit, floor to ceiling tiled room that smelled vaguely of lemongrass and lavender. It was almost as if I had stepped out of San Francisco and back in time. It was probably the only place in the city where the whole room was purely focused on the heat of the steam room, sauna, and baths.

This is a short post. But what I would like to say is that we all need to find a place with no phones, no distractions, and solace.

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